Godolphin Flying Start Overview

Web Entrepreneurship
(Web Design & Development, Social Media for Business, Video Production Best Practices)
2018 Godolphin Flying Start


I am really looking forward to teaching this year’s class, and wanted to give you a short introduction
detailing what you should expect from the class and what I will be expecting from you.

I call this class Web Entrepreneurship because the goal is to introduce you to tools and strategies
for marketing you and your business via the internet.
We’ll look at the wide and ever-changing world of social media for business,
and will have quick review of best practices for video production.

But the heart of the class will be each of you creating a simple website from scratch.
If that sounds fun and exciting, great!
However if the prospect of web development fills you with dread, worry not.
We’ll be working with a excellent website-building tool that makes things as simple as possible.

Of course draft websites put together in a 2-day flurry are simply a means to an end.
The real purpose of the class is to introduce you to the possibilities of individual and business promotion
via websites and social media, and to acquaint you with the THINKING
behind the process of creating, assembling and arranging content for distribution on the internet.

To help you better understand what we’ll be doing in the class,
click on the year to see screenshots of the home pages from previous years’ classes:


Additionally, some trainees from previous classes turned the sites
they started developing in our class into actual websites that promote their business!


For my grading/assessment of your performance in the 2-day class,
I will consider 3 components before assigning one of the 4 grades (A,B,C,D)

  1. We’ll end the class with a short test on content covered (should take about 15-20 minutes)
    The test will count 20% towards final assessment.
  2. In-class performance: attentiveness, work effort, and contribution (questions/answers)
    In-class performance will count 30% towards final assessment.
  3. The final component will be my evaluating the trainees websites.
    Website evaluations will be as follows: 30% site visual design
    70% site content and information architecture as it relates to overall site goals and objectives.
    Trainee websites will count 50% towards final assessment.


  1. Please identify 2 websites you consider to be “excellent” websites,
    and 2 websites you consider to be “horrible” websites and note the site URLs.
    Have the URLs with you on Day 1 of class, and be ready to discuss
    the specific reasons for your site selections.
  2. Please think some about the type of website you’d like to create.
    If you looked at previous years’ sites, some trainees started building a legitimate site for an actual existing entity.
    But most trainees created an imaginary site based on where they’d like to see themselves in five years.
    Planning on being a trainer in five years? Then you’ll build a site promoting your wildly successful training business!
    In 2023 you’ll be running a successful non-profit? Then the site you’ll build during our class will promote that business!
    Hopefully those examples might jump-start your thinking on the site you’ll create during our class.
    Please complete a pre-class assessment form found HERE